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Environment Management System (EMS)

WCM environment management 7-step method / ISO 14001 EMS

Green Value Chain

Since its establishment, GAC FCA has been taking environmental protection and energy saving as an important part of its development strategy, actively introducing leading environmental protection concepts, technologies and equipment, improving the efficiency of resources and energy sources, and making efforts to construct a green factory. It especially focuses on energy saving, emission reduction, and reduction of energy and material consumption in production activities in the process of its development. Moreover, the Company takes multiple environmental protection measures to reduce environment load and achieve clean production so as to become a responsible corporate citizenship and a credit public enterprise.

Advanced Environmental Protection Coating Technology And Raw materials

The painting process uses environmental friendly water-based paint, together with in-process quick drying technology to reduce VOC emission and the pollution sources from the very beginning; the advanced paint mist catcher, water circulation system and lacquer processing system spray booth effectively dispose the discharged VOC gas.

High-quality Sewage Treatment

A sewage treatment station is set up in each plant of GAC FCA. It firstly handles sanitary and production wastewater effectively to make them reach the reuse standard, which is used for greening, flushing and road cleaning. The treated water of higher level can be directly used for the coating process, which greatly improves the water recycling rate and reduces wastewater discharge.
Green Factory
GAC FCA Green Purchasing System covers suppliers’ environmental management system certification, energy saving and emission reduction and environment friendly products replacement, and the whole life period concept of product design process to reduce the influence to the environment and achieve the company’s sustainable development.
Green Purchasing
All models of GAC FCA provide excellent fuel economy and their emission reaches National IV standard and above.The products GAC FCA are produced with very strict design requirements and enterprise standards. Raw materials are all purchased from famous domestic and abroad suppliers which are of environmental friendliness, high quality, and high performance. The vehicle VOC (volatile organic compound), RoHS (restriction of hazardous substances), and recyclability comply with and even exceed national regulatory requirements.On power drive, with the world leading engine technology Multi-Air and the advanced automatic transmission 9AT, the leading models of GAC FCA reach the ideal balance on super performance, ultra low fuel consumption, energy saving, and environmental protection. Meanwhile, GAC FCA has kicked off the NEV project, which will further expand its green product portfolio.
Green Products

Parts packing recycling

Iron racks, plastic turnover boxes, collapsible enclosures, EPP foam, and other recyclable packing materials are used to replace traditional packaging materials such as cartons, wooden boxes, and foam boxes. The recyclable packaging utilization rate of local parts of GAC FCA exceeds 99.5%.
Green Logistics

Environmental Protection

GAC FCA Automobiles Co., Ltd is committed to operating in a sustainable manner that protects the environment and the health and safety (EHS) of employees and Related Parties,as an intrinsic element of the corporate philosophy and World Class Manufacturing Standards. To that end, GAC FCA Automobiles Co., Ltd will:
Comply with applicable EHS laws, regulations, directives, shareholders and company requirements, and with other requirements to which GAC FCA Automobiles Co., Ltd subscribes (policies and guidelines).
Provide employees and those who visit or work at GAC FCA Automobiles Co., Ltd with safe working conditions.
Strive to efficiently and effectively protect environment, prevent occupational injury and ill health, optimize energy 、resource consumption and the recycle of resource,minimize the EHS impacts from activities, services and products.
Regularly assess and continually improve EHS performance in a responsible manner by implementing EHS management systems, setting goals and meeting objectives.
Maintain a safe working environment by implementing EHS systems and taking responsibility for the health and wellbeing of our staff.
Appropriately train, inform, motivate and consult with employees to help them perform their activities in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.
Promote the adoption of similar principles by Related Parties.
This policy will be regularly reviewed, updated as necessary, applied and communicated to all employees and persons working for or on behalf of GAC FCA Automobiles Co., Ltd, and made available to interested parties and the public.

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