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New Jeep Grand Commander SOP Ceremony

March 28th, 2018

On March 28, the New Jeep Grand Commander SOP Ceremony is successfully held in VGA Shop with the company’s leaders, employees and media representatives involved. The Grand Commander is the first Jeep to be researched, designed and developed for the Chinese customer and will only be put into production in China. 


The SOP of Grand Commander demonstrates that the Jeep brand has achieved its full-range lineup from compact SUVs to full-size luxury SUVs and opens a new chapter of GAC FCA’s comprehensive and faster growth with the Iconic Jeep Brand.

GM Mr. Joseph John Ozdowy and EDGM Mr. Li Jin respectively make a speech during the event and they are committed to continuously drive World Class Manufacturing. WCM will 1) drive JV’s faster and better development, 2) WCM will create a sustainable future for the economic and social development of the company, 3) WCM will create a long lasting home for the community, the shareholders, our employees and our families.