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GME ESOP Was Officially Achieved

July 10th, 2018

        On June 13, GAC FCA GME ESOP was officially achieved in the Engine Plant. The company’s management team, project team and employee representatives witnessed this important moment. GM Joseph John Ozdowy extended his congratulations to the project team for GME ESOP and he also expressed thanks to employees for their hard work and dedication.

        DGM Ye Rongyan stated that GME ESOP was a new milestone for the Engine Plant development in future and she wished all employees would continuously focus on ramp up production and ensure perfect delivery for Grand Commander and K4 MCA.

         GME program was initiated in May 2016 with FCA APAC and JV team involved. GME features itself with outstanding performance, low fuel consumption and high efficiency and its emission can meet the most stringent China 6 B standard.